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Votivo Candle- Various Scents

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If you've been in our shop, you've smelled a Votivo candle. We burn Redcurrant in the store, and at home we each have our own favourite of those listed below. These soy wax candles burn for 60 hours and come in a glass jar (which we tend to reuse for highball glasses). 

Scent Notes:

Redcurrant: Green. Citrus. Cassis. Geranium. Earthy Green & Fruity Musk.

Sumatra Lemongrass: Sweet Lemon. Green Tea. Lily of the Valley. Amber & Musk.

Teak: Juniper. Amber. Pine. Teakwood. Spice. Orris Root & Oakmoss.

Desert Cactus:  Tart currant. Sweet rhubarb. Tulip, Wild cyclamen. Sandalwood.

Rosemary Garden: Rosemary. Lavender. Earth. Basil. Thyme. Cedar. Amber.

Grey VetiverMelon. Mango. Grapefruit. Birch Leaf. Vetiver. Oakmoss & Amber.

Tuscan Olive: Galbanum. Pine. Italian Olive. Osmanthus. Floral Musk & Patchouli.

Smoked Wood & Amber: Orange Blossom. Jasmine. Guaiacwood. Amber & Amyris.